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Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 : New Concept ,Features,News


11 Jun 2013 Officially launched it's the newest version, iOS 7 operating system has been designed for all new interface called iOS the old image of tear out to quite distinctively. Started in the Page Lock screen, Home screen within the applications and interface to the application. Besides iOS 7 will have interfaces that are different from the previos version. Also added new features and improvements to old features, all 9 features together. What features do you have to watch it together.

iOS 7's Control Center, Notification Center, and Multitasking
Control Center

Control Center is part of the menu as a shortcut key that we need to use frequently. Whether it is switch to the Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even the rotation screen, which normally would be open - closed in the Settings to not require multiple steps to simplify it. But, Drag from the bottom up. To activate the Control Center.
Not only that the part of Control Center can control the game, equalizer, adjust screen brightness, activate AirDrop or AirPlay to Apple applications emerging and important as a flashlight, alarm clock, calculator and a camera.
Notification Center
For Notification Center is not new on the iOS7 but is updated to indicate the details more clearly, whether it is new email, line is not receive calls, what to do (To-Do-List), and many things. The more things into it. Notification will be divided into three parts that include an alert today,  all the alert and section miss connect. As secretary identity and alerts you.
Multitasking has been upgraded with support for all apps, not just the limited services or stock apps that earlier versions of iOS were constricted to. Apple says that the new features let apps update in the background — without affecting battery life — and it has smart features to update certain apps during certain times of the day or when you have stronger wireless coverage. Push notifications now trigger apps to update in the background so that apps are always updated with new content and there is no more waiting for them to refresh when you open. The new card-based multitasking interface is strikingly reminiscent of web.iOS with large previews of each app.

Camera, Safari, and Siri
Photo and Camera Apps
A new simple layout that doesn't reduce every photo to a tiny icon. The app will automatically organize your photos by Collections, Moments and Years. You will be able to see the photos you took last week or at one specific locations, making some photos bigger than others.The camera comes with different support format, including square, an which guess is now officially a thing thanks to Instagram. Of course, it also has filters.

Safari redesigned
In iOS 7 is designed to be very simple in the Safari was redesigned to more simple as well. As you can see from the image, which features a more comfort. Search the web site will automatically guess the name would not have to type the full name web. The tabs, each tab will move up from top to bottom, bottom to top, which is designed to use a lot.
Siri in iOS 7 features a predictably new interface, and has been upgraded with new voices, so you can choose from either a female or male voice in English, French, or German, with more languages added over time. Siri can now control functions such as toggling Bluetooth or controlling brightness and playing back voicemail messages. The service can search Twitter, Bing, and Wikipedia to provide more information for queries.
iTunes Radio, Photos, and AirDrop
iTunes Radio
One of the biggest upgrades to iOS 7 is in the new music player, which features a brand-new user interface and Apple's new iTunes Radio service — the company's answer to streaming music services such as Spotify, Rdio, and Google Music All Access. iTunes Radio lets you choose songs to listen to on demand, and it has the ability to curate radio stations based on particular songs, artists, albums, or genres. It's very similar to how Pandora works. iTunes Radio works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iTunes on the Mac and PC. It's provided for free with ads, but iTunes Match subscribers can listen to it ad-free. It will be available in the US to start.

AirDrop is been previously rumored that. Will be featured on the iOS7 and released it by the rumors that AirDrop is to share files, photos, video, text or any other via Wi-Fi, you can share it with someone sitting in the Wi-Fi only with you. Bluetooth can also be sent via the data transfer is also encrypted ,therefore, it is certainly high security.
App updates automatic
Features the iOS like most is to update apps with automatically without the user does not need access App Store to update the manual anymore Also on the App Store has also added a new feature called. recommend an App Near Me app now popular in the country in which we live. It also has a section. An application for a child by age, which is probably pleasant parents as well.
New iCloud-based keychain
This new feature will store all your passwords, credit card numbers and anything you want in the cloud using 256-bit AES encryption. Unless the NSA requests access, I guess. It will also generate random passwords for you, which will be stored in the cloud. This works like the popular 1Password, but with full Safari integration and using Apple's own cloud service rather than DropBox.
Other features
    Voice-only FaceTime: You can call your friends over Wi-Fi without all that embarrassing video whatnot.
    Activation lock: If thieves tries to wipe a stolen device, they will not be able to activate it.


The compatible devices upgraded to iOS 7

Apple Introducing iOS 7 - Official Video 


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